Wahab -Toni Sierra ( Abu Ali)
Wahab -Toni Sierra ( Abu Ali)
Wahab -Toni Sierra ( Abu Ali)
Wahab -Toni Sierra ( Abu Ali)

22 Nov. 2022​


افتتاح و تكريم 

(ابو علي (توني سيرة 

19h30 الساعة

Screening at
Arab Media Lab space
and simultaneously streamed online in this page
The Streaming period of this film has expired

Dusty Egyptian songs, found and lost. Tangier. 

WAHAB وهاب

Abu Ali, Morocco-Spain | 1994 | 4min  

 Some papers flying in the wind in an alley in Tangiers, the dance of the ephemeral, the fragility of the moment. Newspapers, plastic bags, tissues, all of them destined to disappear. But contemplation collapses the time of the instant and opens a door to another place without measure. Here it is the eternal dance of meetings and missed meetings; now between a newspaper and a plastic bag that touch each other, caught in a swirl of dust. 

The page of the newspaper opens, the bag capriciously comes to rest a moment on it, and they repeat the game, over and over. Someone passes by taking no notice of the scene, invisible without the state of contemplation. And there we feel that it is life that takes us, that carries us in its arms, that makes us find each other in the loss. 

All of the possibles and impossibles of our stories are there, luck is their need and chance is their destiny…