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The organization of the International Festival "DIGITAL MARRAKECH" has decided to postpone the dates of the 4th ediition originally scheduled for December 18 to 22, 2013, in March 2014. The festival aims to present different trends and practices around New Cinema, Digital Cinema and Digital Media Arts. It brings together a large number of Moroccan and international artists and filmmakers. This event already knows al arge media coverge for the upcoming edition, we want to see it grow says The artistic directors of the festival. We want to satisfy the requirements of the new audience and give the festival its rightful place in the New Moroccan audiovisual landscape.
The new festival dates and Further information details will be communicated and announced shortly.







This video is a visual overview about the last edition of Digital Marrakech 3/ 2012.










Arab Media Lab database on DOBOX videoart Project Space

Opening DIGITAL MARRAKECH / Arab Media lab database is showing at DOTBOX MILAN ITALY /

From the 23rd April until the 19th May 2013.

OPENING NIGHT the 23th April 2013 ( 18h.30 / 21h.00)

C/o [.BOX] Videoart Project Space
Via Federico Confalonieri 11
20124 - Milano

For more information and to watch the compilation, please check DOTBOX









Arab Media Lab database on VisualcontainerTV

From 5 April to 7 May 2013 / Du 5 Avril au 7 May, ARAB MEDIA LAB PROJECT & DIGITAL MARRAKECH VIDEO COMPILATION ( BEST OF ARAB SHORTS ) ON/ SUR VisualcontainerTV - International Videoart Web Channel

For more information and to watch the compilation, please check VisualcontainerTV









Feburary MASTER CLASS / Steadicam - VOLUME I -

MASTER CLASS AND TRAINING Steadicam / 24-25 and February 2013 at the Cultural Center Atlas Golf Marrakech

This Master Class is for cameramen and op.s leaders, students and all persons interested in this technology, who have no experience with the steadicam and wish to take advantage of the possiblities the steadicam can offer.

This master calss will be supervised by the director and cinematographer AHMED BAIDOU known for his film "AGHRABOU" Best Film Award at the International Festival of Agadir in 2012. the official competition at the 14th National Film Festival of Tangier.

Ahmed BAIDOU's works watch Here
More here
For Registration, assessment and information (Limited places), please send an e mail to:











NEWS / Arab Media lab and Yalla TV for the ARAB filmmakers

Arab Media Lab and YallaTV announce new partnership to help Arab filmmakers improve their craft and increase their audience

For more information Read More
More articles Read More



NEWS / DIGITAL MARRAKECH # 3 From the 6th till the 8th December 2012

The next edition of Digital Marrakech, the international Festival of video Art, Multimedia Performances, 3D Mapping, animation and Digital Cinema, will be from the 6th till the 8th of December 2012.

Km 1 route d'Amzmiz - Marrakech
(A droite avant Oasiria)


During the Digital Marrakech 3, There will be a SOUND DESIGN master class animted by the German film-maker and Sound Designer Michael Fakesch



Arab Media Lab Presents Video program In KunstVlaai ( Festival of Independents) This program is a video production of the research results the Arab Media Lab is carrying on about the Arab Stereotypes in Hollywood cinema and Western Media.

KunstVlaai Festival of Independents 25 November till 2 December 2012 Location Former Sint Nicolaas Lyceum Amsterdam




The 2nd workshop was from 20 to 25 Februray and around the ability of Canon 5D Mark II and 7D to produce work in full HD.

The German Filmmaker Rouven BLANKENFELD lead this 2nd workshop. Participants had the opportunity to learn the digital cinema, HD feature and documentary film productions that are exemplary of current digital best practice. The Masterclass took place at RYAD YIMA-MARRAKECH, MOROCCO. Many short films were produced by the participants during the 5 days workshop.

The Main Information
1 - The workshops will be organized by the Arab Media Lab in collaboration with Canon. During the year 2012, every month, 5 days of workshops and Master Classe around the ' DIGITAL CINEMA'.

2 - The next workshop will be held in RIAD YIMA Marrakech from 20th untill 25th February, registration is open until February 17th as the deadline. For the rate, is 700 dh for five days workshop.

3 - Participants will be able to direct films under the supervision of professionals with the use of DSLR cameras Canon 5D, 7D, THE C300

4 - Participants will be introduced during the CANON DAY in Marrakech as laureates.


1- Understanding DSLR
Canon 5D Mark II and 7D
2- Shooting DSLR
Using Canon 5D Mark II and 7D
Canon Lenses / How to choose and use them
Transform Canon 5D Mark II and 7D into a film Camera / Different Camera Supports and how to choose and use them
Editing / Output

For more information, please check the DSLR workshop serie # 1 DSLR WORKSHOP SERIE # 1







 DIGITAL MARRAKECH Edition 2 / from 9 until 11 december 2011

The 2nd edition of the international festival DIGITAL MARRAKECH is taking place from 9 until 11 December 2011 in Marrakech city, especially in its imperial part which is the old medina.



Derb Moullay Abdullah Ben Hezzian
Bab El Ksour
Medina Marrakech , Maroc

Dates: from 09 until 11 December 2011
The opening Night will be in the 9th of december starting: 18h30, in RIAD EL FENN
To consult the complete Event program (french version Only)PDF

This annual Event of digital and media arts presents diverse trends and practices in the fields of digital film & video, multimedia performances, Video installations, 3D projection mapping, digital cinema, films and documentaries, workshops, interdisciplinary and other components.
This meeting is an interdisciplinary festival where artists from all over the world present the latest practices, research, technologies and showcase important achievements in the development of media arts practices. The aim of the festival is to explore the Moroccan events and reveal the richness and diversity of the country's culture through videos, digital films and moving images.

The participanting Artists in DIGITAL MARRAKECH 2:

* Morocco:
Swel& Imad Noury, Ahmed Bouaani, Mohamed Ezoubeiri, Michelle Medina, Abdelaziz Taleb, Abdellatif Benfaidoul...

* Internationals:
- Robert Sedeil, Agricola de cologne, sandeep Mehta, ben Reubold, Dirk Rauscher ( Germany )
- Zineb Sedira ( Algeria )
- Laila Hotait, Mariam Agha ( Lebanon )
- Alae Younes ( Jordan )
- Jorg Bronnimann (Switzerland )
- Oliver Laxe (Spain )
- Project FFF ( Morocco- Spain)
- Jean Michel Verbeeck ( Belgium )
- Alex Fischer & Ellis Bahl / Space vs Earth( USA)
- Sebastian Diaz Morales ( Argentina)



Doha Qatar / INTERNATIONAL Digital Arts and New Media Festival / from 17 November 2011 to 17 December 2011

Arab Media lab is curating and showing a video-film compilation in the 1st INTERNATIONAL Digital Arts and New Media Festival-Doha Qatar

17 November 2011 - 17 December 2011!video-art-festival-program











Digital Morocco Edition #2 / 14 June 2011 / 20h30 / Riad el fenn Marrakech

This month in Digital Morocco # 2

En Avant Premiere:

-ZIYARA KASSIRA ( SHORT VISIT ), 8mn, Maroc, 2006, Directed by Abdelaziz Taleb

Musical Documentary:

-Sheikhates Blues, 52 mn, Maroc, 2006, Directed by Ali Essafi










Digital Morocco Edition #1 / 27 May 2011 / 20hoo / Riad el fenn Marrakech

Digital Morocco is a monthly event about the Digital film making in Morocco. We screen and present many digital production with a Q/A session with the film-makers (Digital short and long films, experimental and video art compilations).

The idea behind DIGITAL MOROCCO SERIES is to show the richness and complexity of reflections on and about Moroccan culture through video, and digital FILM MAKING. It is a hybrid medium which allows for autonomous and independent production, and which, by it's nature, is much more closely linked to social, community and subjective microcosms than to 'satellite' vision and 'audiovisual fast-food'.

In Morocco the language of video is inseparable from the culture: the rich tradition of written as well as oral literature, the music, trance, rituals, popular religion, mystic poetry...All of these are present in daily life, thus, video and new technology, could be used as a tool for analysis and critique of the silenced realities and also for introspection and exploration of private life. Works that think about and sense the relationships between the individual and the community.

The program includes video makers from different kinds of backgrounds: some produce their work in Morocco, others are part of European or American migration, and others come from different contexts but, for critical or personal motives, have decided to immerse themselves in this other culture.

The 27th of May: 1st EDITION in Riad El FENN , 20H00.

There will be a screening of the following works:

- Maroc Premiere: ' The Fundamentalist ' By: Abdelaziz Taleb & Abdellatif Benfaidoul


- Marrakech Premiere: ' All I Wanna Do " By Michelle Madina


Followed by a Q&A session with the filmmakers.

An OPEN AIR Cinema in the heart of RIAD EL FENN with Drinks included.


ARAB MEDIA LAB in MADRID 2011 / in CASA ARABE / 06-27 May 2011

Arab Media Lab carries also media studies about ARAB STEREOTYPES IN WESTERN MEDIA AND ARAB MOVING IMAGES ARCHIVES by organizing seminars, workshop, film programs and production of work related to these subjects.

In a collaboration with Casa Arabe in Madrid, Arab Media lab will present a special program

More info

Arab Stereotypes in western Media / Event Trailer

In this program curated by ARAB MEDIA LAB PROJECT, various examples and extracts from films will be shown to the public, in order to bring a close look at these issues.

In the seminar session, we will focus on the Major illustration of ARABS in the Hollywood films. (From silent films and mixed medias representations; to essays about the current Arabs stereotypes on post 11.9)

This program also features a screening film sessions of works on Edward said (Orientalism), Jack Shaheen ( Reel bad Arabs ). It also opens the doors to a new generation of Arab media Artists, such Jackie salloum, abdelaziz Taleb and Abdellatif Benfaidoul, who dedicated part of their works to explore directly or indirectly the Arab stereotypes in western culture.

Edward Said - On Orientalism, Sut Jhally , 40mn, 2000 USA

Edward Said's book Orientalism has been profoundly influential in a diverse range of disciplines since its publication in 1978. In this engaging and lavishly illustrated interview he talks about the context within which the book was conceived, its main themes, and how its original thesis relates to the contemporary understanding of "the Orient" as represented in the mass media.

Silent Films, Big Words, Abdelaziz Taleb, Abdellatif benfaidoul, 15mn, 2011, Morocco

Silent films era have made a part of its succes by stereotyping Arabs. Most of these films share a common theme of power-hungry, brutal Arabs ultimately defeated by white westerners. Rudolph Valentino's roles in The Sheik (1921) and The Son of the Sheik (1926) set the stage for the exploration and negative portrayal of Arabs in Hollywood films. Both represented Arab characters as thieves, charlatans, murderers, and brutes.

In this short film , produced by ARAB MEDIA LAB PROJECT, we try to show some extracts of this brutal representation that went on for long years, and which somehow contributed insetting up an unconscious portrayal of THE ARAB in the mind of western culture.

Planet of the Arabs, Jackie Salloum, 9mn, 2005, Palestina-U.S.A

A trailer-esque montage spectacle of Hollywood's relentless vilification and dehumanization of Arabs and Muslims. Inspired by the book "Reel Bad Arabs" by Dr. Jack Shaheen

Recruiting Identities, Arab Media Lab project, 7mn, 2011, Morocco / NL

A dutch official is selecting individuals, he is asking them questions, the only reaction after answering his questions is: accepted or, not accepted, in a very arrogant way full of fear and stereotypes.

Long documentary

Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People, Sut Jhally , 50mn, 2008, U.S.A

This groundbreaking documentary dissects a slanderous aspect of cinematic history that has run virtually unchallenged from the earliest days of silent film to today's biggest Hollywood blockbusters. Featuring acclaimed author Dr. Jack Shaheen, the film explores a long line of degrading images of Arabs--from Bedouin bandits and submissive maidens to sinister sheikhs and gun-wielding "terrorists"--along the way offering devastating insights into the origin of these stereotypic images, their development at key points in US history, and why they matter so much today.


ARAB MEDIA LAB MARRAKECH 2011 / In Riad El Fenn / 08-09 February 2011

A special event on - ARAB STEREOTYPES IN WESTERN MEDIA - / Animated by Arab Media Lab project Directors and Filmmakers: Abdelaziz Taleb, Abdellatif Benfaidoul , featuring Dounia Benqassem ( Art Historian ) and Jesus Greus ( Writer )


Raid El Fenn / Date 8th February / Time :19h00

For a visual overview, Please see our gallery section or click Here

Including Video installations, video program, and Digital show.

Riad El Fenn / 8th - 9th February

Riad El Fenn
Derb Moullay Abdullah Ben Hezzian
Bab El Ksour

Arab stereotypes in western Media Lecture: Much of the perception of Arabs in the West is based on illusion. The Western media has largely created the false, illusory images of Arabs. Numerous leading media organizations, film producers, journalists and TV hosts have been openly hostile to Arabs. It is clear that the stereotypes of the Arabs is not just the result of the news, but of a continued habit on the part of Hollywood to present them as villains, terrorists, and bad people. It is a greater problem with Western society; the tendency to make bold assumptions about an entire race of people and present these people not as rounded and developed characters or - real- people, but instead as one of many negative images; the gun-toting terrorist, the evil camel-riding sheik, or the oppressive man lording over a woman. In the seminar, we will discuss the development of this stereotype, starting form the earlier Hollywood films, until now day films and media news.


Screening of the film documentary:

REEL BAD ARABS: How Hollywood Vilifies a People, Directed by Sut Jhally, 50 min.

This groundbreaking documentary dissects a slanderous aspect of cinematic history that has run virtually unchallenged form the earliest days of silent film to today's biggest Hollywood blockbusters. Featuring acclaimed author Dr. Jack Shaheen, the film explores a long line of degrading images of Arabs--from Bedouin bandits and submissive maidens to sinister sheikhs and gun-wielding "terrorists" - along the way offering devastating insights into the origin of these stereotypic images, their development at key points in US history, and why they matter so much today. Shaheen shows how the persistence of these images over time has served to naturalize prejudicial attitudes toward Arabs and Arab culture, in the process reinforcing a narrow view of individual Arabs and the effects of specific US domestic and international policies on their lives. By inspiring critical thinking about the social, political, and basic human consequences of leaving these Hollywood caricatures unexamined, the film challenges viewers to recognize the urgent need for counter-narratives that do justice to the diversity and humanity of Arab people and the reality and richness of Arab history and culture.



LAUNCHING OF DIGITAL MARRAKECH / 09 and 10 December 2010

Arab Media Lab is launching a new project in Morocco called DIGITAL MARRAKECH. It is an annual festival for Digital Mixed Media arts, which will be held in The city . The first edition is taking place in various locations : A DIGITAL JOURNEY through: Marrakech Medina, Marrakech Gueliz, and Marrakech Sidi Ghanem.

watch DIGITAL MARRAKECH Video spot...Here

For a visual view of DIGITAL MARRAKECH , Please see our gallery section or click Here

With the participation of various Moroccan, Arab and international Artists:

Mariam Agha / Zineb Sedira / Ala Younis / Said Mahrouf / Abdellatif benfaidoul , David Larcher, Jan Arlt,, Jackie Salloum , Abdelaziz Taleb, Emmanuel Hamon, Hicham Qaidi, Wahid El Moutanna .. and many More.

Local Partners:

Morocco Experience project, Association des arts visuels

1st Digital Journeys 2010 that will be in different places in Marrakech
DATE: December the 9/10, 2010

Digital Journey - Marrakech Medina
Sites and Dates:
Café des Epices 9/10 décembre 2010
Terrasse des Epices 9/10 décembre 2010
Yima 9/10 Décembre 2010
Le Jardin le 10 décembre 2010
Dar Chérifa 9/10 Décembre 2010
Mustapha Blaoui/Le Trésor des Nomades 9/10 Décembre 2010

Digital Journey - Marrakech Guéliz
Sites and Dates:
Le Yellow Sub 9/10 décembre

Digital Journey - Marrakech Hivernage
Sites and Dates:

Digital Journey - Marrakech Sidi Ghanem
Sites and Dates:
16bis Fan Wa Nour 9/10 décembre
Le Zinc 9/10 décembre





















The last film production " The Fundamentalist " will be seen at Africa in the picture film festival Amsterdam

Location: Ketelhuis Cinema / November, the 5th 2010 / Time: 21h00

More info:
Africa in the picture film festival

Watch the trailer here: Watch the trailer 480p Watch the trailer 720p








Taleb Cherche Midi - Videokaravaan - With the collaboration of
CasaProjecta Casablanca
Introduce Arab Media Lab project to the Moroccan public :
Introduction, Discussion and Program Screening with
recent videos from the Arab world
Moroccan Premiere of the short film :
June the 7th in the Corrida Casablanca 20h30






Arab Media Lab database on DOBOX videoart Project Space



Arab Media Lab database on VisualcontainerTV










Digital Marrakech 3 / Edition TRAILER /






















    Digital Marrakech 2011 Poster

    Some selected works to be seen during the DIGITAL MARRAKECH 2  

    "Les enfants de Marx et Coca-Cola" By Swel & Imad Noury/ (Morocco)
































    "Slient word, big word" To bee seen in QATAR festival
















































    Video Mapping in RIAD EL FENN 08/02/2011

    Created by: Arab Media lab / Music: Najib Cherradi









    IN LE JARDIN / the 10th Dec. 2010

    A Taleb Cherche Midi Videokaravaan Project