| About Arab Media Lab |

The Arab Media Lab (AML) project stands as an independent and Multi-disciplinary platform committed to supporting emerging artists and creative practitioners in Morocco and the broader region. Functioning as a hub for research, learning, and experimentation, AML provides a nurturing space for those exploring the realms of cinema and mixed media arts as vehicles for social inquiry and transformation. By encouraging artists to delve into the potential of public spaces for societal progress and community involvement, AML adopts a comprehensive programmatic model that facilitates exchange and critical dialogue.

AML programs are strategically crafted to cultivate artistic and creative skills, thereby supporting the growth of Morocco’s creative ecosystem. It hosts a year-round series of exhibitions, talks, workshops, special events, and educational initiatives, creating accessible learning opportunities for the wider community and the general public. Many of AML‘s programs are developed in collaboration with local, regional, and international partners, contributing to a rich tapestry of initiatives. AML also boasts a highly regarded international network comprising filmmakers, artists, producers, and scholars.

Artistic genres encompassed: Media art, alternative cinema, creative documentary, digital film & video, short films, music video, multimedia performances, video installations, digital mapping, net art, workshops, and various interdisciplinary forms.