Our project believes that the encouragement of creative expression within our region will open the doors to a wide range of experimentation and rich artistic events throughout the year, which, therefore will contribute to the general development of media arts in Morocco and the Arab world. The majority our population is young (roughly 60%), and young people are reclaiming their right to express themselves in different ways. Media arts are playing an increasingly important role for this young generation to openly, freely and creatively express themselves.

Our vision is to bolster this growing sector within the region. By bringing together artists from diverse cultural and creative backgrounds, we aim to encourage cultural exchange and interdisciplinary collaborations, which we believe broadens and enriches the digital arts community and inspires innovative forms of expression.


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Our impact on some on our community is very noticeable. Every 2 years we reach quite an important number of interesting results:


  • More than 10 months actions (broadcasts and / or workshops), including a festival: Digital Marrakech international festivalwww.digitalmarrakech.org
  • and the Master classes and workshops , now: MAM-Media Art Moroccowww.mediaartmorocco.org
  • More than 700 hours of image education provided ( lectures, exhibitions, workshops, exchange, research study / physical and online like Arab stereotypes in western media, Morocco moving images archive…etc )
  • More than 10 collaborations with regional, national or international structures ( Schools and universities , institutions and art spaces, international grants institutions, sponsors…etc )
  • More than 1500 spectators and participants in the various screenings, workshops and activities ( Digital Marrakech festival 3 / 4 days screenings, mixed media art workshops throughout the year, lectures with screenings in collaboration with local and international institutions )
  • More than 50 professionals of the image intervening voluntarily or with remuneration on the various activities (Filmmakers, teachers, researchers, artists, participant artists in Digital Marrakech festival)
  • 15 volunteers involved in the workshops and during the Digital Marrakech festival days.