Expanded Cinema, Media art happenings, multi-screen events, new technologies and inter-media concepts characterize an era of innovation and new departures in contemporary moving images creation. 

They become the most important artistic path towards gender and social emancipation as well as means of extending the bounds of perception. 

By organizing our events, we would like to contributing in strengthening the interest in media arts among new, emerging and established artists in Morocco using various mediums and mixed media strategies to play more of a role in changing their realities, especially in contemporary social in political

context in our region, which reveals every day that the young generation reclaim the right to act and create, they want to take their image and social destiny by themselves, and become an active part of the contemporary world, which always defines our society as a fixed world where nothing is happening, except conflicts and fanaticism. 

We want to contribute in education, personnel transformation, and social change which therefore will lead to a wide range of experimentation, creativity, action, building strategies, propose new solutions…

The Arab media lab projects build on the experience of its two founders showcasing their work as artists themselves, and work by other media artists in Morocco and in Europe.

They took back during their education in Europe what they learned and started training young people in the country.

The Arab Media Lab attempts to reinforce the place of media arts in Morocco and The Arab world They do this through a range of various activities such as addressing Arab Stereotypes in western media, setting up a Moroccan moving images archive and the Digital Marrakech festival.

One of the main aims of the organisation is to help young media artists to gain knowledge and exchange ideas in the region and beyond. Through their workshops and master classes, which are offered for free they give young people the opportunity to create works – this gives the artists the freedom to be able to create the projects that they most believe in.

| Founders |

The Arab Media Lab is founded and directed by Abdelaziz Taleb and Abdellatif Benfaidoul. Both are film directors and mixed media artists whose films have been shown in many international film festivals :

  • Venice international film festival
  • Rotterdam international film festival
  • Clermont Ferrand
  • Cinemed Montpellier

| Team |

Abdelaziz Taleb

Director and Founder. Artistic Director of the project, networking, content manager, writer and editor.

Abdellatif Benfaidoul

Co-Director, Founder & Project General Production Manager

Rihab Charida 

Project Manager

Asma Jennane, Mohamed Lachhab & Taleb Abdelkarim

Administration & Technical Production

Graphic Design and Visuals

Emre Önol, Dirk Rascher, harakat Kamal

Executive Producers

Abdellatif Benfaidoul

Abdelaziz Taleb

Taleb Cherche Midi Morocco T.CM 

Taleb Cherche Midi International T.CM