• Residency Program in Marrakech

  • For filmmakers & Mixed Media artists

  • deadline 25.08.2024

  • Selection Notification 15.10.2024

  • Residency starts 15.11.2024


Gain valuable insights, skills, and resources to further your artistic career in filmmaking and mixed media arts...

About the Residency Program

The artist-in-residence programs provide selected filmmakers with the opportunity to create and complete their projects in a well-equipped environment. Participants can showcase their final works to local audiences in Marrakech and across Morocco, gain international experience, and establish valuable industry connections.

These residencies are all designed to enable creative development and facilitate exchange among film and mixed media artists talents from around the world and professionals from Morocco. Marrakech is a great city of diversity and freedom that values talent and creativity.

Arab Media Lab provides, 4 to 8 weeks a year, creative residencies programs for independent filmmakers, Multimedia artists, actively working on a film project (experimental, short films, creative documentaries…), Media arts (video installation, 3D mapping projections, Animation (2D, 3D or stop motion)).
Our residencies programs support ONLY specific projects at various stages in the post-production process and offer filmmakers/artists time and space to focus on finishing their work.

Our residencies programs are in the following fields in DIFFERENT POST-PRODUCTION PHASES


Media arts

Short films

Experimental film

Creative documentary

Video installations

3D Mapping projection projects

Animation (2D, 3D or stop motion)

Video art

Situated in the heart of Marrakech, the Arab Media Lab Creative Residency Program offers filmmakers and multimedia artists an immersive experience to refine their projects in post-production stages. Rooted in the vibrant cultural landscape of the Arab world, this program provides a unique opportunity for creatives to collaborate, experiment, and showcase their work within a supportive community of fellow artists.

To provide filmmakers and multimedia artists with the resources, support, and inspiration needed to bring their creative visions to life, while fostering cultural exchange and innovation within the Arab media landscape.

1. Duration:  The residency program spans 4 to 8 weeks annually, allowing participants ample time to focus on their projects and engage with the local culture and community.

2. Location:  Nestled amidst the bustling streets and vibrant colors of Marrakech, the Arab Media Lab serves as a creative oasis for artists from around the world. Participants are immersed in the sights, sounds, and flavors of the region, providing a stimulating backdrop for their creative endeavors.

 3. Accommodation:  Participants are provided with housing in private apartments located in Marrakech, offering a comfortable and convenient home base for their residency experience.

 4. Editing Suite:  Each participant is granted access to a high-end editing suite located within the Arab Media Lab, equipped with the latest technology and software, along with technical support from the Arab Media Lab team.

   – Size:            45m²

  – Equipment: Mac Studio (full options), industry-standard editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve), and color grading tools.

5. Recording and Podcast Studio: Participants can access a fully equipped recording and podcast studio.

   – Size:            56m²

 – Equipment: Professional microphones, soundproofing, mixing boards, and editing software for audio projects.

 6. Exhibition Space: Upon completion of the residency, participants have the opportunity to exhibit their finished work at local venues and cultural institutions in Marrakech.

   – Size:    100m²

   – Facilities:   Display screens, projectors, sound systems, and installation tools.

 7. Travel and Logistics Support: Arab Media Lab provides comprehensive travel and logistics support for participants, including assistance with transportation, visa arrangements, and local amenities.

 8. Post-Production Facilities: The residency offers state-of-the-art post-production facilities within the Arab Media Lab, including offline and online editing suites, color correction tools, sound design studios, and 5.1 mixing capabilities.

9. Exhibition Opportunities: Upon completion of the residency, participants have the opportunity to exhibit their finished work at local venues and cultural institutions in Marrakech, showcasing their creativity to a wider audience.

10. Fees: Participants are required to pay a residency fee to cover program costs, including accommodation, studio access, technical support, and administrative expenses. The fee structure may vary depending on the duration of the residency and the specific services provided.

• Housing in a private apartment in Marrakech.
• Hight End Editing suite with tech support from Arab Media lab.
• Travel and logistics support from Arab Media Lab

• Post-production
• offline and online editing (colour correction, etc.)
• sound design and final mix on 5.1 studio
• delivery of the final work
• Exhibition of the final work

Total Residency Fee per Participant: $4,000 for a 4-week residency

Breakdown of Costs:

1. Accommodation: $1,200

   – Private apartment in Marrakech

   – Utilities (electricity, water, internet)

   – Cleaning services

 2. Editing Suite Access: $1,000

   – High-end editing suite with Mac Studio (full options)

   – Industry-standard editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve)

   – Color grading tools

   – Technical support from the Arab Media Lab team

 3. Travel and Logistics Support: $600

   – Assistance with transportation arrangements to and from Marrakech

   – Visa support and assistance with documentation

   – Local transportation within Marrakech (e.g., public transportation passes)

 4. Post-Production Facilities: $800

   – Offline and online editing suites

   – Sound design studios and 5.1 mixing capabilities

   – Use of additional post-production tools and resources

 5. Exhibition Opportunities: $400

   – Organization and promotion of final work exhibitions

   – Venue rental for exhibition space (100m²)

   – Marketing and outreach for the final presentation

 Additional Optional Costs:

 1. Workshops and Mentorship: $200 (Optional)

   – Access to specialized workshops led by experienced artists

   – One-on-one mentorship sessions for project feedback and guidance

2. Extended Residency: $1,000 per additional 2 weeks (Optional)

   – Extension of accommodation, editing suite access, and all other facilities for each additional 2-week period

 >>>> Example Fee Structure for a 6-Week Residency:

 – Base Fee for 4 weeks: $4,000

– Extended Residency for 2 additional weeks: $1,000

– Optional Workshops and Mentorship: $200

Total for 6-Week Residency with Workshops and Mentorship: $5,200

1. Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is required upon acceptance into the program to secure the participant’s spot.

2. Balance Payment:The remaining balance is due two weeks before the start of the residency.

– Cancellation 30+ days before the residency start date: Full refund minus the non-refundable deposit.

– Cancellation 15-29 days before the residency start date: 50% refund minus the non-refundable deposit.

– Cancellation less than 15 days before the residency start date: No refund.

Filmmakers and Multimedia Artists from around the world whose work ranges from documentaries and narratives to experimental films and gallery-based video installations and media art projects.
  1. DEADLINE         25.08.2024
  3. THE START OF THE RESIDENCY       15.11.2024


The application should consist of the following elements:

A) fill the form

B) Documentation of proposed work in the post-production phase

 (sent a short extract or trailer or fragments of the proposed work:
Please make video and audio files available online (ie Vimeo, Youtube, ) provide the url link(s) Total running time is not to exceed 10 minutes.

*No compressed files.

Or use ftp, drop box, WeTransfer etc.


C) A PDF file including the following:

  1. Residence Project Description & Artist’s Statement
    a.A clear and concise description what you propose to do during the residency.
    b.An artist’s statement relating to the proposed work.

    2. A current CV (max 3 pages) artistic CV

    3. Description of proposed Work

* Please include only the requested material in your proposal package.

Packages that do not include all of the above will be deemed incomplete and may not be considered.

  1. Call for Applications: Interested filmmakers and multimedia artists are invited to apply for the residency program by submitting a comprehensive application package to info@arabmedialab.org
  2. Application Components: The application package should include a filled-out form, documentation of proposed work in the post-production phase (e.g., trailers, excerpts), a PDF file with a project description and artist statement, a current artistic CV, and a description of the proposed work.
  3. Selection Process: Applications are reviewed by a panel of experts from the Arab Media Lab, who evaluate each applicant based on the quality of their work, artistic merit, and alignment with the residency program’s objectives.
  4. Notification: On 15.10.2024, Selected participants will be notified of their acceptance into the program and provided with further details regarding residency logistics, scheduling, fees, and expectations.


– Participants emerge from the residency with a refined and polished final product, ready for exhibition and distribution.

– The residency fosters collaboration, networking, and cross-cultural exchange among participants, leading to new creative partnerships and opportunities.

– Participants gain valuable insights, skills, and resources to further their careers in filmmaking and multimedia arts, contributing to the enrichment of the Arab media landscape.

The Arab Media Lab Creative Residency Program aims to be a catalyst for creativity, innovation, and cultural exchange within the Arab world, empowering filmmakers and multimedia artists to realize their artistic visions and make a lasting impact on audiences worldwide, all within the vibrant backdrop of Marrakech.

Fill in the follwing Form

Please ensure that the application form is filled out completely and accurately. Any application that is incomplete or incorrectly filled out will not be accepted or considered.