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Online workshops and Master classes around cinema and Media arts
Morocco & the MENA Region
| January – September 2021 |

ورشات السينما و فنون الميديا عبر الإنترنت
المغرب، منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا 
 | يناير – سبتمبر 2021 |

sound design & Storytelling


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Sara Kaddouri is a film sound designer, mixer and sound recordist. She was born in Morocco in 1991. She studied sound engineering in the film school Esav Marrakech then pursued her Masters in Brussels in the film school INSAS from which she graduated in2013.

After her stay in Belgium, she moved to Cairo to explore the Egyptian film industry. She lived there for three years and worked on a few features and documentaries as a sound designer and mixer then moved to settle in Casablanca four years ago.

She is motivated to help independent cinema find its way through the Arab world and make the cinema industry more diverse.


Sound is one of the elements of the engineering structure upon which the film is based. We talk about sound here with all its elements: speech or dialogue, music, noise, or what is called in the language of cinema with sound effects, and then the last element that is no less important than the rest of the elements, namely silence.”

الصوت ھو أحد عناصر البناء الھندسي الذي یتأسس علیه الفیلم. نتحدث عن الصوت ھنا بكل عناصره: الكلام أو الحوار، والموسیقى، والضجیج أو ما یسمى في لغة السینما بالمؤثرات الصوتیة، ثم العنصر الأخیر الذي لا یقل أھمیة عن باقي العناصر أي الصمت.

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All participants should watch the show reel  of  the expert before starting the Master class.

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Learning Path

Introduction with a small sump by the expert about his experience in Sound design.

Sara Kaddouri will get deep into his vision of sound design. She will share her way of thinking and working by giving some tips and tricks that can be used in your future film or art projects.

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