طنجة إنترزون

24 APRIL UNTIL 27 JUNE , 2021

برنامج أفلام عبر الإنترنت | 24 أبريل حتى27 يونيو 2021

24 APRIL 2021  21H00

Genet in Tangier  By Guillaume de Sardes | 11 mn | 2017 

At the beginning of the 70s, Jean Genet is in Tangier, he is in his sixties and he no longer writes. He lives in the El Minza hotel, a palace, where he spends entire days reading, smoking and sleeping (he takes Nembutal, a barbiturate used as a sleeping pill). He only goes out at the beginning of the afternoon to have a coffee with milk in one of the bars of Petit Socco. 

He sometimes meets the young Moroccan writer Mohamed Choukri there. Their discussion is banal, friendly. Sometimes they talk about literature. Genet no longer writes, but is still inhabited by it.

Guillaume de Sardes is a filmmaker, writer and photographer. His artistic work, which focuses on the intimate, on wandering and on the night, is regularly exhibited in France and abroad, both in art galleries and in museums.

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