Media Arts workshops series and Master classes

MAM / MEDIA ART MOROCCO is a project that aims to support media art artists from Morocco, allowing them to reflect on their own works by connecting with other emerging and confirmed filmmakers and media artists from the region and international, and by discovering new ways to approach the art of media arts happenings and film making, weather from technical or theoretical point of views . Project formats are : alternative and experimental film, video art, digital mapping, net art, media installation, creative documentary, experimental music video, Vlogging…etc

Media Art Morocco empowers budding artists through connecting them with professionals to facilitate knowledge sharing and transmission. The project transforms the youth from passive to proactive individuals who think critically and create profound artistic projects which delve deeper in their society and which hopefully leads to personal transformation and social change.

The project collaborates with local and international professional mentors, who are chosen based on the quality of their theoretical and practical quality of work, their ability to adjust contemporary media art making to the local context, and their capacity of knowledge sharing. 


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