Online workshops and Master classes around cinema and Media arts
Morocco & the MENA Region
| January – September 2021 |



                                                 THE OPEN CALL IS CLOSED

Given the huge number of requests from young filmmakers, artists and movie enthusiasts from Morocco and the Arab region, the “Arab Media Lab project” decided to launch a second call to participate in the Beyond the “ NEW-NORM”  / workshops and masterclass online program.

  • We will select up to 8 participants to join the first team selected in January 2021
  • Applicants must be present at all the scheduled workshops and master class sessions from May 25 to September 10, 2021
  • Participants must produce a work (short film, experimental film, creative short documentary… during the project period.
  • A report and video review of the program should be submitted at the end of the workshops.
  • The “Arab Media lab ” owns all the rights to produce the sessions, along with the final productions.
  • The deadline for submitting applications to participate is May 10, 2021


Who can apply

independent filmmakers media artists ( with or without experience ), artists and art students residing in Morocco and the MENA region, whose age does not exceed 35 years.

How to apply

> Fill out the application form bellow ( in Arabic, French, or English )
> An introductory video is requested: (Please record a video of yourself that is no longer than five minutes, in which you introduce yourself and your background, the projects you are currently working on (if any) and the reason of your desire to participate in this program.)
> Portfolio of your past and current work (if any), which may consist of static or moving images, written texts, audiovisual material, sound models, images, drawings, installations videos … ect)
> Biography (PDF)