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24 APRIL UNTIL 27 JUNE , 2021

برنامج أفلام عبر الإنترنت | 24 أبريل حتى27 يونيو 2021

08 MAY 2021

Tingis, By MICROPUNTA | 33 mn | 2008
Docu-trip featuring Tingis and Bachir Attar & The Master Musicians of Jajouka

Micropunta is a team formed by Monica Carrozzoni and Fabrizio Vegliona. They are authors, directors, content-creative directors, producers of film\video\documentaries, artists, writers, editors, investigators and detectives. They are now based in Milano but they travel and traveled throughout dimension and space time living in Montreal, Modena, Catania, Roma, Berlin, Forte dei Marmi, Paris, London. Under the name of Stickyboy they published with Edizioni TEA the book For God and the Empire.

The Streaming period of this film has expired​