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OPENING NIGHT 18 March, 2023



AML will celebrate films and video art works, which were produced by the AML projects, and which are also results of long workshops and master classes curated by The AML project last year and this year. 

4 films will be screened the night of the 18th of March ( And in LOOP the 19th ). Films directed by young artists and filmmakers from Morocco ( 12 filmmakers ), and others from Egypt and Tunisia

Some of our partners will be present, along with a very large public.



Tangier Interzone – THE MOVIE  

Otmane Essebti, Issam Rbh, Akram Mahdaoui, Salma agiuzoul, Aya Laskrouif, Abderrazzak Mennouch, Fatima-Ezzahrae Aouida & Abdelaziz Taleb |  

20mn | 2023 | Morocco |

In the mid-1950s and after, Tangier welcomed many artists, poets and intellectuals. Influenced by Paul Bowles, members of the Beat Generation, came to the northern city to be inspired, to complete their projects and to live the Moroccan dream. 

Few lived a human dialogue with the locals, but most of them wanted to experience other things in order to expand the language of experience beyond the practical world.

In this film, young filmmakers under the supervision of Moroccan-German mixed media artist Abdelaziz Taleb, tried to explore the frontier between reality and fiction in TANGIER INTERZONE“, and discuss the imaginary dimension of this same “reality”.


Esraa Elfelky & Saif Fradj

| 20mn | 2023 | Egypt , Tunisia |

A stranger abandons human life to journey into the barren wilderness and experience its exodus. We identify with his thoughts, in which we discover vanished worlds. My flowing tears transformed into an apocalyptic flood says the stranger. 

The film was shot in three deserts: Redayef in Tunisia, Wadi Al Hitan, and Wadi Degla in Egypt. This film was entirely produced remotely without actually the two filmmakers meeting each other in real life. “South of Ajdabya” founded by Esraa Elfeky from Egypt and Saif Fradj from Tunisia, is a 2022 made collective of filmmakers interested in the north African desert, its mythologies, geologies, and anthropology. 

Using a mix of old filmmaking techniques (analog) with digital drawings and contemporary audio-visual effects, the collective aims to rewrite a common lost memory of the North African region on which the subjective imagination interacts.

This film was developed through “BEYOND THE “NEW-NORM” program curated by Arab Media Lab in Marrakech Morroco.

Definitions Hallucination 

Aziz Boujaha

 | 9 mn | 2022 | Morocco |

A young filmmaker trying to make his first short film, where all scenes and stories are connected with the same theme which is “Dreams” 

Beware of  standing frequently

Omnia Abou Nour 

 | 2 mn | 2023 | Egypt |

The short film embodies the situation of those who found themselves in the middle of the roads, running in any direction, not knowing how to stop.