Digital Morocco is a monthly event about the Digital film making in Morocco. We screen and present many digital production with a Q/A session with the film-makers (Digital short and long films, experimental and video art compilations).

The idea behind DIGITAL MOROCCO SERIES is to show the richness and complexity of reflections on and about Moroccan culture through video, and digital FILM MAKING. It is a hybrid medium which allows for autonomous and independent production, and which, by it’s nature, is much more closely linked to social, community and subjective microcosms than to ‘satellite’ vision and ‘audiovisual fast-food’.

In Morocco the language of video is inseparable from the culture: the rich tradition of written as well as oral literature, the music, trance, rituals, popular religion, mystic poetry…All of these are present in daily life, thus, video and new technology, could be used as a tool for analysis and critique of the silenced realities and also for introspection and exploration of private life. Works that think about and sense the relationships between the individual and the community.

The program includes video makers from different kinds of backgrounds: some produce their work in Morocco, others are part of European or American migration, and others come from different contexts but, for critical or personal motives, have decided to immerse themselves in this other culture.

The 27th of May: 1st EDITION in Riad El FENN , 20H00.

There will be a screening of the following works:

Maroc Premiere: ‘ The Fundamentalist ‘ By: Abdelaziz Taleb & Abdellatif Benfaidoul
Marrakech Premiere: ‘ All I Wanna Do ” By Michelle Madina

Followed by a Q&A session with the filmmakers.

An OPEN AIR Cinema in the heart of RIAD EL FENN with Drinks included.